.. remember this one from 2014 ?

.. from the depths of the dustbox .. I remember finishing this old recording around the day I read of the passing of Nelson Mandela ..

Silent Night ...

May everybody live in peace ... greetings from an ukulele - coloured moment ..

Frankfurt am Main/ Germany - rehearsals with the band

Head over to mark.eliah @ Instagram for a peek into a spontaneous rehearsal (cellphone cam) take of "STARS" ..

We may be on the road elsewhere to you right now, yet you can listen to "Stars" on Spotify or any…

"STARS" - part 8 & 9 on mark.eliah @ Instagram


Sharing a further message about the 'everstartedsomewhere' - song "STARS" from within the Alps / South Germany during a tranquil morning moment:  new video updates (part 8 & part 9) have been posted on our Instagram channel @ mark.eliah.

Footprints from the past

Found an old poster from the early days .. - South Africa, January 1999 .. the shot was taken at the wild oceanline of Port Elisabeth at early sunset. An intense occasion took its form here - by the moment…

South Africa 1998 ..

I found this old picture - being among wild rhinos, out in the utter wilderness. This moment airs the spirit of freedom - an entity, that may grow rare. Any prison doesn't need to be of physical nature to take…